• An AU Jurassic World Roleplay
    Here at Jurassic World we aim to make every experience one to remember. If you look at your pamphlets you'll see that there are a number of attractions, like our fearsome Tyrannosaurus Rex, our Gentle Giants Petting Zoo for the little ones, and our talented Mosasaurus! As well as those homey comforts we just can't live without, like our 5 star diners, hotels, and yes, even Margaritaville!

    But that's not all we have to offer at Jurassic World. Take a tour of our Innovation Center, our Museum, or even our Creation Labs, where the dinosaurs of Jurassic World are brought to life. Please secure all loose items and we'll begin our tour of the resort so you can get settled in and enjoy all the wonders of Jurassic World!

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    Update Spring 2018

    The Hybrid Project has begun. Geneticist and biologists are working on a new, hybrid asset. Name, unknown. Species, Carnivore.

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Character Biography
Riley Regan came to Jurassic World because he felt as though he needed a break from active duty. Prior to joining the security team, Riley had toured in Chad, Africa. His mission then was to maintain peace and continue to fight against the oppressive behaviour of African conflict initiators.

Having been at Jurassic World for a month or so now, Riley has changed and developed in ways he would never have imagined. He is in love, he is happy, and he hasn't got the time for anyone that doesn't want to know that.
Ozzy is Riley's very best and closest friend. He is his brother, and if you dare think to hurt him or even look at him funny, Riley will be on you like a fly on shit.

Jesse DeWitt is Riley's freakin' soulmate, okay? Riley worships the ground that man walks on and would do literally anything and everything for him at the drop of a hat. There is no sweeter nor more sincere relationship that Riley has in his life than that he shares with Jesse. They've said "I love you" to one another, and live together on the island.
Plot Hooks
Riley got his hella gay shit.
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